You’re on Candid Cameron

Ooops ! Has No 10 learnt nothing from Blair & Campbell?

Just when you might be forgiven for thinking there’s a new broom merrily sweeping away at No 10 – Cameron steps into a political PR puddle.  And it is still rippling.

While exhorting the masses to tighten belts for a bumpy financial ride, Cameron takes on a taxpayer-funded snapper to provide photos …..for what?  His autobiography in 2015 perhaps?

And as taxpayers are funding these happy snaps, do WE actually own them? There’s one for the legal boys to ponder.

All this while staunchly supporting his own Dr of Spin – ex News of the World Editor Andy Coulson – who, one assumes, either suggested it to his Master in the first place, or failed to caution against.

You would have expected the new boy on the block  to have made copious notes about where previous tenants at Downing Street have fallen foul.

Did he lose them amongst the pile of nappies at home in the kitchen?

As he approaches the milestone of 6 months in charge, Cameron  should wipe his notes clean and read them again.

Meanwhile, confronting honorable members opposite will no doubt continue to prompt Labour taunts of  ‘Say cheese’.

And the whole episode, like decomposing gorgonzola, leaves something of a rotten taste.
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2 Responses to You’re on Candid Cameron

  1. Morag says:

    Given that Cameron’s background is in political PR, you really have to wonder what is going through his head at the moment. He should be a natural at sidestepping this sort of nonsense.

    • bobmills says:

      Quite. Hell of a mess he made of this. And it was never going to be anything other than a PR coup for the opposition. Silly man. Not sure it bodes well for the future…….

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