Will Prince Charles Do Better?

Given the modern history of the Royal Family & weddings –  from fairytale beginnings to adultery, divorce and tragedy – clearly the engagement of Princess Diana’s eldest son (and the future King)
would strike a significant and poignant chord with many.

And Prince William certainly plucked hard at that chord by announcing his bride to be will be wearing his mother’s own  engagement ring.

Cue the inevitable round of TV-doorstepped congratulations starting with be-suited David Cameron bounding enthusiastically to  microphones outside Number 10. All smiles and delight, naturally (well, it might divert the country’s attention away from lengthening dole queues next year).

Cut to a man, in heavy mustard brown overcoat, hands in pockets, slouching ponderously towards a doorway somewhere in Britain. A shout from the assembled media scrum: Your reation to today’s news Sir?

I’m still not sure exactly what the mumbled reaction was. Something (possibly)  about being ‘very nice ‘or ‘thrilled’. Or maybe not. Oh yes, and a little jibe: ‘about time’.

 His world-weary face hardly had a thrill about it. More that perfected and oft-practised Royal look of  superior irritation at being asked anything at all ! Damn these interruptions by commoners.

A few Royal chuckles followed (at his own jockularity). Yes, Prince Charles… you almost spoilt the party.

OK, this was always going to be a slightly tricky one to pull off . Options: 1. Nowhere to be seen  2.  Busy at official function alongside his own wife 3. Formal statement, smart code, a smile and brief message of congratulations (my choice).

Instead we got man alone (domestically, that is); a gent seemingly almost unaware that something was in the wind, and a few vague mutterings as he continued with his own ‘engagement’ for the day.

I wonder what his mother thought of his performance. And I hope his future daughter-in-law looked the other way. Fingers crossed  the act will be a little more polished by the time church bells ring out across the land.

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