Where Now For Keys and Co?

Sky sport presenter Richard Keys surely knew the inevitable consequence of his lapses of judgement as long ago as last Sunday lunchtime.

It was merely a question of time. And whether the print media, sensing a broadcasting scalp or two ripe for the taking, would pounce or withdraw fangs. They opted for drawing blood.

After a few moments reviewing the evidence, a straight red card was produced for Andy Gray. And Richard Keys, already tottering on a yellow, opted for an early bath after video replays come to light of a similar incident in a previous match.

Funny how that turned up when it did.

Yes, there’s a huge dollop of hypocrisy in this sorry tale. Probably a great deal of jealousy too. But the essential ingredients were of their own making. A clear penalty.

Two highly-paid pals overstepping the mark one time too many and someone, somewhere (or more than one) with a few scores to settle.

Its not unknown in TV land for on screen talent to outgrow their own boots. Increasing ratings; trophies; awards; fame; recognition; glowing praise and a sycophantic management can breed mini-monsters.

If in doubt, ask Jonathan Ross all about it.

The crux of the matter in this latest case however, is the sense that we, the gullible paying public have been duped all along.

On the evidence, neither Gray nor Keys believe women should play any part in a man’s game either on the pitch or in the boardroom. Neither would ever admit that live on air. More than their job’s worth.

Preferable to snigger, slander and sledge in private while continuing to collect the loot. Only a fool bites the hand that feeds them.

Let the record show they were both damned good at their jobs. Well, not bad, as far as men go.

Both may be facing football-free futures – and a dramatic fall in their football-driven social lives. Oh, and they’ll now have to pay to watch Sky Sport.  

Where next? Well, a betting man (or woman) may wish to wager a fiver or two on them heading for somewhere warm with sand under their feet.

If that fails then surely Ant & Dec’s jungle beckons when the dust has settled.    

But, with Monday nights now free, no midweek matches, and Saturday afternoons at home with wife, girlfriend(s) or children, possibly time to put pen to paper.

Ever wondered what celebrity footballers and managers mutter to each other when the studio microphones were switched off ?

Was Richard making notes…..or even a few secret recordings? More on that, as they say, after the break.

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