Two Lords-a-Leaping

November 25, 2010

First we’re all told how well off we are: Cue Tory Resignation.

Now another party colleague is eating humble pie for suggesting our sexual appetites –  more or less –  depend on the level of state handouts we receive. 

Lords, MPs (and the clergy)  right left and centre politically speaking. are apologising for….what?  Political gaffes. PR cock-ups. None of them, please notice, actually says they were wrong. 

No, just sorry they said it out loud.  Or, in another famous case, wished to God they’d removed the microphone still attached to their lapel.

PR isn’t just about finding good days to bury bad news its finding enough sticking plaster to gag  friends, allies and colleagues  from opening their mouths too often. If at all.

Well done Howard. You won’t be the last to take flight at the first whiff of critical grapeshot.

Strange, but I actually developed quite a liking for the mansion-owning old duffer who, when confronted by a detailed analysis of his extreme Parliamentary expenses, answered his critics by claiming they were merely jealous he had more money than them.  

Well done to you, sir!

One Lord-a-Leaping

November 19, 2010

And another one bites to dust. Exit Lord Young back to his very comfortable retreat and regular daily allowances for popping into the House of Lords now and again.

Presumably he got confused. Actually HE’Ss never had it so good. And the daft old coot told us so.

It is quite impossible to understand the mentality of politicians (and many others) who step headlong into the media-led cauldron of daily life without first engaging their brain.

But this episode merely highlights the vast gulf between Honourable Members (in both Houses and of all persuasions) and we mere mortals who comprise the electorate.

I think Lord Young gave the game away. Recession? Not in my street, dear boy. Not sure what you’re talking about. Pass the port.

From overclaiming on expenses; wallpapering grace & favour homes with the dearest stuff you can get;  to hiring a personal photographer at our expense –  the privileged few seem hell-bent on providing us with more than enough reasons to consider staging a revolution (Wot, in Britain? Never).

When you think about it, we have a quite peculiar set of ethics regarding our politicians & their behaviour.  And the behaviour of their wives, husbands too, come to that (porn movies at our expense).

Man decides to drag enitre country into illegal war –  we’re all puzzled, angry, aghast – but re-elect him.

Man charges taxpayer for toilet rolls and new TV in 2nd home and we demand an apology and pay back.

Man tells us we’re better off than we know we are  (just words, no money changed hands and nobody died) and he’s a candidate to be burnt at the stake.

But then, if you’re so out of touch with us common folk, we wouldn’t expect a Lord of the Realm to understand such bizarre anachranisms. He’d have faired better declaring war on the Isle of Man.

And clearly he can’t fathom why we are a little miffed at :
a) losing most of  our pensions b) facing higher bills for gas, electricity & travelling by train c) heading towards a hike in VAT rates d) the impact of public sector cutbacks on our lives and e) redundancy, rising inflation, bankers bonuses, double-dip recession, unemployment, motorway gridlock, working until we drop, negative equity, and yet more casualties in Afghanistan.

But hey, we’ve got a Royal Wedding to cheer us up. I bet Lord Young gets an invite and a pleasant day will be had by all.
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Well Done Dave

November 16, 2010

Dave sees sense – albeit a little too late.

The photographer & video artist go back on the Tory payroll rather than being the taxpayers’ burden. Can the Conservative Party afford £70,000 a year to keep them on? We’ll see.

So the specific story disappears. But  the question of DC’s judgement is likely to linger longer.

And there’s still the Coulson problem. That’s the next boil that urgently needs lancing. Standby for further announcements.

You’re on Candid Cameron

November 10, 2010

Ooops ! Has No 10 learnt nothing from Blair & Campbell?

Just when you might be forgiven for thinking there’s a new broom merrily sweeping away at No 10 – Cameron steps into a political PR puddle.  And it is still rippling.

While exhorting the masses to tighten belts for a bumpy financial ride, Cameron takes on a taxpayer-funded snapper to provide photos …..for what?  His autobiography in 2015 perhaps?

And as taxpayers are funding these happy snaps, do WE actually own them? There’s one for the legal boys to ponder.

All this while staunchly supporting his own Dr of Spin – ex News of the World Editor Andy Coulson – who, one assumes, either suggested it to his Master in the first place, or failed to caution against.

You would have expected the new boy on the block  to have made copious notes about where previous tenants at Downing Street have fallen foul.

Did he lose them amongst the pile of nappies at home in the kitchen?

As he approaches the milestone of 6 months in charge, Cameron  should wipe his notes clean and read them again.

Meanwhile, confronting honorable members opposite will no doubt continue to prompt Labour taunts of  ‘Say cheese’.

And the whole episode, like decomposing gorgonzola, leaves something of a rotten taste.
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