Editorial Publicity

Why the constant clamour to allow product placement on TV? Because marketing experts know it’s a much more potent sales weapon than any amount of traditional advertising.

You don’t notice it.  Well, you think you don’t. That’s the really clever bit. It places a brand or product into the subconscious when the viewer is in a relaxed, receptive mood.

It is not an obvious advert.  And importantly, the associated costs are minimal compared with  normal advertising budgets.

Editorial publicity isn’t really very different. It’s how many companies, charities, organisations and individual experts become known and respected for their opinions and for what they do. 

The more often they are quoted in the newspapers, interviewed on radio or seen on TV, the more likely the public will remember who they are and the organisation they represent. 

Editorial publicity has one powerful advantage over product placement. More often than not, it comes within the context of news or current affairs features.

So those providing it, become accepted by the public as trusted sources of valuable, reliable information and serious, knowledgeable comment on important issues.

Expertsources plays a significant part in making that happen.

Journalists always need expert opinion. On every subject from the economy, the environment, e-commerce and education to the weather, women’s health, whistleblowers, wine and weddings. 

www.expertsources.co.uk is where they find media experts in every subject – providing registered experts with many extra opportunities to be quoted and interviewed for newspapers and magazines as well as radio and TV.

To see how effective this can be, here’s a selection of comments from experts currently registered with Expertsources:

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