What is Expertsources?

Expertsources is the UK’s top-rated website for journalists needing to find experts to interview – on ANY subject.

Is Expertsources of any interest to me?

Yes,  if you are either an expert (see below) or a journalist needing a quote or an interview.

Experts register who they are, who they work for (or themselves), what they can talk about (via subject keywords) and how they can be contacted quickly and easily to comment/give information regarding  news stories or features.

Journalists register too, and search via subject keyword(s) to find the people they need to interview – for TV, radio, newspapers & magazine articles. Then they call them directly – or their press office, secretary, or PR company (whatever the expert has selected as contact preference).

There are other media-related people using Expertsources who often need experts, too. e.g. Conference organisers looking for main speakers;  PR companies needing experts to quote & comment on new products; film companies needing research; columnists for websites etc.

Am I a Media Expert?
You may well be. Don’t be put off by the word ‘expert’ – you don’t have
to be  the world’s leading specialist in a particular subject to register with Expertsources.  

Clearly you do need to have experience, knowledge and background expertise in the subject area(s) you are happy to talk about.

You may be a lawyer; an economist; a university lecturer; an estate agent; a life coach, a stockbroker, a psychologist, a vicar, a senior teacher, a doctor….. (the list is a very long one).

All have views and expertise of value to journalists wanting background information, quotes or an interview on news stories, current affairs and lifestyle features.

You might run a business or charity.  Or perhaps be a spokesman for an organisation like a Trades Union; Rotary International; Liberty; the Association of Chartered Accountants  etc.

And the value of registering as an expert is…?
Extra media interest, awareness & coverage.

Different experts have different media agendas.
But all have one thing in common – to raise awareness of themselves and/or their organisation through extra media exposure.

Editorial Publicity
Traditional methods of advertising or marketing can cost thousands. With Expertsources its just a few pence – with far better results. Can you put a value on a five minute live radio interview to 6 million listeners?

Broadcast interviews, quotes in the newspapers and articles in magazines put experts in front of the public within a context of trust, knowledge and authority. 

This is called Editorial Publicity and considered by many to be far more influential than general advertising. And far less expensive!

Does  Expertsources work?
Yes. It does. Expertsources is ranked No 1 with all major search engines for Media Experts (please try it for yourself).

And we’re either at the top of every search (or very near it) simply because we’re  used by so many  journalists clicking on www.expertsources.co.uk every day. 

Expertsources receives more than 250 individual keyword searches by journalists each day on every subject:  from the Recession to Road Transport and Reality TV; Environment to the Economy; Mortgages to Marriage; Diabetes to Debt;  Gas Prices to Gynocology.

We also have many experts registering from more niche areas – Cathedral Rennovations; Shakespeare’s Sonnets; Medieval Castles; Trade Links with China; Buying Property in Bulgaria; Space Exploration.

Expertsources is ideal for specialists in ANY subject.

And the next time you’re listening to the radio or watching TV, and the presenter says “For more on this, we’re joined now by…….”  thanks to Expertsources that expert could easily be you.

Where Journalists Find Experts

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